Animal Tag joins the Exile Events crew!

Animal Tag is a Producer/DJ from Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
He’s Addicted To Music and has a big crush on the harder styles of electronic music.

He released his first hardcore album in 2016 on the No Strings Hardcorelabel, did a couple of EP’s there as well and played DJ sets at parties like PRSPCT XL, the No Strings Hardcore label nights, Q-BASENightmareoutdoor and Harmony of Hardcore.

As of today, Animal Tag is part of the Exile Events Booking agency and made a podcast filled with some of his favorite tracks, his own productions, some unreleased stuff and said fuck you to genres while he’s at it.

The podcast is recorded on 2 CDJ900NXS’s and a DJM-850 mixer while drinking whiskey.

You can find the tracklist on Soundcloud.

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